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Axiom Shift!

Small News
Roster Update
Jan 19, 05 10:46 AM
EVIL RACES on the move!
Dec 29, 04 9:12 AM
Guild Formation
Nov 17, 04 7:18 AM
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No recent status updates.

Recruiting is on hold.  See Verdin in game for information about Axiom Shift.

Axiom Shift is an EverQuest 2 guild playing on the Antonia Bayle server, with members initially primarily from a guild of the same name that played EverQuest on the Rodcet Nife server.

Public chat channel: /join Axiom

AxS News

Roster Update

Verdin, Jan 19, 05 10:46 AM.
The roster is currently being updated as the information contained there is getting to be quite old.  Stay tuned.

EVIL RACES on the move!

Verdin, Dec 29, 04 9:12 AM.
We've recently made some new “friends” from the city of Freeport.  One group fronted by a dark elf known as Darkentity (or “god” as he refers to himself) has joined us on a few adventures and offered his services.  What their true intentions are remains to be seen but it is probably some crazed world domination thing.

On the other hand a band of rats and ogres that turned their backs on Freeport and embraced Qeynos have made my aquaintance.  Brothers Zugol and Bugol and their little mouse have made for some interesting adventures so far.   

Guild Formation

Aaron Lewis, Nov 17, 04 7:18 AM.
It's official!  AXIOM SHIFT is reborn on the Antonia Bayle server!  Last night the following adventurers joined up with silver in hand to form the guild:


with a sizable contribution from Noralanor - thanks!

Rumours have it there is even a new dwarf in town....will he remain?  In his most ambiguous words...”Time will tell”

If you still need a guildinvite please see Verdin in game.
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